Stairway to Heaven

Card Drafting – Party game

2-5 Players

45 Minutes

Imagine this: you’re dead so you became a wandering spirit in the afterlife, taking the last few steps to reach the final resting peace. but wait, you get to choose your own fate for the last time. do you wanna be an angel by doing good deeds and helping other spirits or would you rather be the devil and just spread the evil all over town? The choice is yours. but remember, every action you take, change the fate of every other player too!

Players can choose their character and decide whether or not to actually be fateful to their side. Angel cards help other players and may let them win but Devil cards take their resources and make you stronger. both characters can win the game, If you’re an angel, you have to collect more angel cards and positive Soul points and if you’re the devil, you have to collect more negative Soul points. the first person that reaches the end of the stairway, ends the game for everyone.


This party game is easy to learn and can easily bring tension and make deep grudges between your game buddies.
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