The Architect

Tile Placement

2-5 Players

45 minutes

As an Architect, you have to build the perfect house for the strange characters of this game. they come in different shapes and sizes and have specific opinions about their ideal house. Some of them are bigger than the others and need two or three adjacent tiles to fit in, Some only live in certain colors, some want to live on upper floors while others like to enjoy nature and stay away from their neighbors. there are monsters, ghosts, babies, aliens, cats, introverts and all kinds of weird creatures in this town, can you build the perfect place for all of them?

Each turn, players can either build a house or place a character inside the right house. there are some construction rules for building the tiles and players can also interact with each other by using ghosts or monsters on the opponent’s houses.



collecting characters give you points and at the end of the game, the player with the most points wins the game. but be careful that empty tiles, angry babies and ghosts can give you negative points.


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