About Me

Hi, My name is Faezeh Khomeyrani, and I love telling stories.
I studied architecture at university but as I always loved video games, I wanted to pursue my dreams and become a game designer. So I started creating experimental and narrative games and participating in a lot of game jams. For over three years, I was part of an indie team working remotely on games and concepts that can be found on the itch page.
In addition to that, I enjoy writing interactive stories and creating multiple unexpected paths for players. I have written an interactive resume as an alternative way to introduce myself, and my last interactive story about the semi-true story of searching for jobs received the A Maze Wings award in 2022.
I have also found the joy of tabletop games. The excitement of designing non-digital concepts and sharing them with your friends. For this purpose, I am constantly in the process of prototyping, playtesting, and editing ideas to create better games.
My goal is to create games that have a long-lasting impact on people.

More information about the games:
Video games on itch.io

Amaze Award 2022

Contact me at: faezeh.khomeyrani[at]gmail.com